Kristine Nguyen — Product Designer who codes

ROSKO Redesign

A user experience and user interface revamp for ROSKO app. Shows my whole design process and my reflection at the end of the project.

ForSavage Social Technology RoleUX / UI Designer Intern
Date2015 – 2016

The Problem:

The first version of the ROSKO app has many problematic UI and UX. The CEO didn’t understand why not a lot of people used the app when they first launched, so I stepped in and explain the problem.

  1. The user had trouble understanding the concept of the app – there was little to no information for the user how to use the app. There wasn’t much description on what the app does.

  2. Complicated Navigation – There was a hidden navigation, which makes difficult for the user to go through the app.

  3. Redundant Features – there was a lot of redundant and unnecessary features that can be eliminated overall

  4. UI color scheme is odd – it’s a bit old fashion color and it does not compliment the logo. There was a lot of heavy gradients, the logo is dark and heavy, with too many different type fonts, and the buttons were not consistent.

Overall, there was a lot of confusion, which results in the user to delete the app within a minute. There was a lot of assumption that the user should know how to use the app, but the app itself lacks the common design pattern that is used in any other app.

Below are the screenshots of the app with design critique notes.


My main goal is to help the company to redesign their app so as a business they will get more user retention rate.

  • Simplify the layout – make fewer clicks
  • Emphasize the core features
  • Don’t make user’s think ! – Follow Design Patterns
  • Rebrand the UI


The challenges, I still have to keep some features that the CEO wanted, such as the thumbs up and thumbs down & see if the post is positive or negative. I have to go back and forth to make sure that the CEO is happy with the outcome that they wanted. The challenge is to convince the developer to switch to a newer multi-platform app builder such as Electron for example. ROSKO developer is using Adobe Flash Builder to build the app, which is very outdated since 2012!

What’s the purpose of the app?

I’ve talked to the CEO for clarification on what was the main function of the app. After discussing, I was able to identify what the app supposed to be.

  • ROSKO allows you to find locations, see how many people are currently at those locations, identify gender ratios, and chat anonymously with people at those locations.

  • Help business owners to promote their business and build relationships with their customers.

Feature Prioritization:

[1] Chat or posts on current or away from the business location
[2] Allow business owners to promote their business
[3] See basic demographic for that business


Wireframes – Quick User Testing

  • I made a variety of icons onto a post-it note. One version has text, others don’t.
  • I asked the testers to reoriented the position of the single pieces.
  • Then I asked where the name go to each icon
  • Then I showed my pre-made template and they picked what they
 like best

So far the winning result is Home – Demographics – Notification – Profile – More. (They are familiarized because of common social media)

User Testing Feedbacks

[1] Unsure when to use demographics
- not able to use it, until they are in a specific business chat

[2] Notification:
- they want a number indicating how many notification they received.

User Feedback: [1] Users wanted a way to unfollow a post, so they will stop receiving notification. [2] User wants some sort of filter when they are looking through business in the categories. For example : Filter by Distance or Filter by Most people active For the sake of the developer, these features will be implemented later on

Conclusion – After Thoughts

It was a difficult task to throughout the whole design by myself, however; it felt very rewarding. There are more features I could have added, but I do not want to overwhelm the developer. Missing features: Edit & Delete Posts / Comments. I suggested the idea, but the developer did not want to implement the features. Distinguish business owners vs customers – perhaps having a check mark of the business owner.

I suggested the developer switch out Adobe Flash Builder to another multicross platform app.

I presented the whole new redesign to the stakeholder, and the company got the funding.